After this 12 week journey with Be The Change Foundation, I can begin to understand what it means to me to start and develop my business. I believe there is always two parts to everything I do: the mechanical/logical part and the emotional journey (the brain and the heart). Both parts provide me with the best decision making tools and I am very happy they led me here.  Pam, Fall 2018

Our classes and teachers

Classes will be held at Lord Fairfax Community College from 6-8 pm on Tuesday evenings beginning February 11, 2020.

Spring 2020 training class currently underway.

We will begin accepting applications for Fall 2020 soon. Stay tuned!

Be the Change Foundation is excited to offer our next 12 week training class for women in Fauquier County, Virginia, and surrounding counties, who want to start a business or move to the next level in an existing business. Our previous classes have had such wonderfully engaged groups of women entrepreneurs and "would-be" entrepreneurs, that we are eager to begin planning for our next class.

The largest part of our program is based in helping to educate women on how to form a business and run it successfully. 

Cost of the 12 week class is only $250 for this pilot program ($750 value).

After a candidate has been accepted and she has successfully completed the 12 week class, having attended all classes and received a certificate of completion, she may, then apply for a small business loan. A loan approval committee will evaluate the applications and select candidates that can be funded at that time. [At least ten classes are required to get a certificate of completion.]


Loans will be paid back with interest so that the program can be sustainable, which will enable us to give more and more loans to qualified applicants.

Be the Change will also be involved in other activities that will support and enable families to raise their level of living, thus strengthening the community and local economy.

We will assist our clients to use available resources in the community to help them be successful in their endeavors, so they can inspire and support others to grow as well, and truly Be the Change.

We have recently expanded our application process to women of, not only Fauquier County, but surrounding counties as well.

Interested? Download the application, fill it out and mail it back to us at 766 Rudasill Mill Rd. Woodville, VA 22749, or email it to


Applications for Spring class due no later than January 16, 2020. Download application here:

The following is subject to change and adjustment

Feb. 11 Finding your why.

                Teacher: Michelle Coe, Blue Sky Phoenix

Feb. 18  Putting Your Plan on Paper

                 Teacher: Lisa Burnside, Wealth Management, BB&T Bank

Feb. 25  Organizing the Chaos: using systems that work

                Teacher: Kim Jenkins, Genesis Home Improvement

Mar. 3     ** It Happens: Managing Risk

                Panel: Will Ashwell, Jack Mallam

Mar. 10   Networking Like  Rock Star

                Teacher: Amelia Stansell, UVA Credit Union

Mar. 17  Keeping Your Books

                Teacher: Marsha Stumpo

Mar. 24  Making Things Happen: How to market your business

                Teacher: Kathy Godfrey, Appleton Campbell

Mar. 31  Understanding a Balance Statement and Cash Flow

                Teacher: Ray Knott, Union Bank & Trust

Apr. 7    What's Next? Putting it all together

                Teacher: Christine Kriz, Lord Fairfax Community College

Apr. 14  Social Media for Your Business, 

                Teacher: Stephanie Kennedy, SocialSteph

Apr. 21  Controlling Stress

                Teacher: Marianne Clyde, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Apr. 28  Building Your Team

                Teacher: Janelle Downes, Director of Human Resources, Fauquier Co.

May 5   Graduation! Yay!

**[Inclement weather policy follows that of LFCC.]**


Thank you to Lord Fairfax Community College for generously donating classroom space for our class!


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